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Primitive backpack camping is permitted while hiking along state forest trails. Hikers may not stay more than one night at any campsite location unless they acquire a camping permit from the district office.

Seventeen designated roadside campsites are available on four Weiser State Forest tracts. These are permanently located sites that contain a:

  • Parking pad
  • Picnic table
  • Fire ring

Two of the sites are larger group sites to accommodate the needs of:

  • Scouts
  • Churches
  • Similar organizations

Visitors are required to obtain a permit to camp at these locations. There is no charge for the permit.

More than 20 river island campsites are located along the 51-mile long Susquehanna River Trail between Sunbury and Harrisburg. The sites are located on DCNR islands and are available for overnight camping for individual and small groups floating the Susquehanna River.

Groups of 10 or less may stay no more than two nights at any one campsite. Permits are not required. The Susquehanna River Trail Association (SRTA) provides oversight and maintenance of these sites.