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A large portion of the visiting public drive the forest roads to enjoy the scenery. To enhance this experience, the district maintains several lookout areas. Among the most scenic vistas are the Cushamn Vista along the Cushman Road in southwest Tioga County, two vistas along the Cedar Mountain Road and the Pine Creek Vista on the West Rim Road. These vistas afford the motorist a spectacular view of the Tioga State Forest.
The Tioga is also home to several stunning waterfalls. A few of the more beautiful ones are located at Fallbrook in the southeast part of Tioga County; Sand Run Falls, northwest of Arnot; and at Campbells Run, north of Tiadaghton.
Another point of interest is the Hesselgessel Mill Stone site located on the Hesselgessel Road about four miles north of Asaph State Forest Picnic Area. James Hesselgessel cut stone from this site for local gristmills during the 1830's. Some of the partially cut stone still remains.