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​Mountain Biking in Susquehannock State Forest

All state forest roads, haul roads, and most district trails are open to mountain biking.

The Billy Lewis Bike, Hike, and Cross-Country Ski Trail (PDF) contains 14 miles of designated bike trail, which originates at the district office.

The Denton Hill Cross-Country Ski Trail (PDF) is adjacent to the Billy Lewis Trail and is also popular with mountain bikers. It provides more than 20 miles of trail riding opportunities.

Electric Bike (E-bike) Use

E-bikes are permitted on approved mountain bike trails and roads, provided they meet all the following standards:

  • Weigh no more than 100 pounds
  • Do not exceed 20 miles-per-hour using the motor
  • Have motors that do not exceed 750 watts
  • Have fully functional, operable pedals

For more on the department​’s e-bike policy, please see E-Bikes in Pennsylvania State Parks and Forests.