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Hiking in Sproul State Forest

Two State Forest Hiking Trail systems located within the Sproul State Forest are designated for foot traffic only. Both are marked with orange rectangular blazes.

Chuck Keiper Trail

The Chuck Keiper Trail is a 50-mile, double-looped system which includes trails in the Fish Dam Wild Area and Burns Run Wild Area.

Chuck Keiper Trail North Map (PDF)

Chuck Keiper Trail South Map (PDF)

Donut Hole Trail

The Donut Hole Trail is approximately 90-miles in length and connects with the Susquehannock Trail System. The trail traverses Kettle Creek Park and terminates at Hyner Run State Park.

Donut Hole Trail East Map (PDF)

Donut Hole Trail West Map (PDF)

There are numerous other foot trails that were originally built for fire access which provide good hiking into most parts of Sproul State Forest.

These trails are not marked or maintained. When hiking in Sproul State Forest, persons should dress for the weather and use a map and compass.