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Pinchot State Forest Advisories

Pinchot Closures Due to COVID-19

Please see the DCNR alert details regarding state forest closures due to COVID-19 (coronavirus).

Camping, Firewood, and ADA Permits

Designated campsites at Moon Lake and Manny Gordon Recreation areas, and the Thornhurst Tract, which includes the Carvolth, Sassafras, and Fireline sites, will not be open to camping before June 5, 2020.  

Camping permits will be issued starting Friday, June 5, 2020.  

All permits including camping, firewood, and ADA will be processed through the district office. The recommended method for obtaining a camping permit is via telephone at 570-945-7133, or email the Pinchot State Forest district. A camping permit can be issued via e-mail or U.S. mail.

If you require an in-person visit, please call ahead to schedule a time. Be prepared to wear a mask when entering the building and follow all other COVID-19 CDC guidelines. We appreciate your continued support.

Addition to Seven Tubs Tract

The Bureau of Forestry has closed on the Murray property, resulting in a  93-acre addition to the Seven Tubs Tract of Pinchot State Forest.

In addition to protecting contiguous forest and water quality, acquisition of this tract will enable an extension of the D&L Trail, providing enhanced recreational opportunities in the region.  For more information, please contact the Pinchot State Forest District.

Avondale Construction Projects

There will be active mine reclamation projects in the Avondale area of Pinchot State Forest. Forest visitors should exercise caution while recreating in the area.

Group Activities in Pinchot State Forest

Organized group activities are becoming increasingly popular within Pinchot State Forest. If you are looking to hold an organized or large group event on DCNR lands, you must get approval and obtain the appropriate authorization or agreement.

DCNR's Bureau of Forestry uses letters of authorization, special activities agreements, or commercial activities agreements (PDF) to evaluate and manage these large group activities on state forest land. Any organized or group event occurring on state forest lands must be reviewed and approved through one of these means.

Letters of authorization are completed at the district office and may take up to 15 business days to approve. Special activity and commercial activity agreements require 90 days for internal legal review. Requests should be made in advance of this 90-day period, prior to the scheduled event.

Restroom Closed at Mocanaqua Trailhead

The restroom at the Mocanaqua trailhead parking lot is closed indefinitely due to vandalism.

Old Bear Creek Boulevard Closure

Old Bear Creek Boulevard is closed to public access due to active construction.

Recreation Areas Closed to Hunting

The Moon Lake Recreation Area, Seven Tubs Recreation Area, and Manny Gordon Recreation Area are closed to hunting. All other areas of the state forest are open to hunting, unless otherwise posted.

Stone Collecting Permits Suspended

After review, a decision has been made to suspend the issuing of stone collecting permits on the Pinchot State Forest until the District Resource Management Plan is completed.

The reason for this suspension is to evaluate and determine if and where stone collection is permissible based on ecological, historical, and cultural reasons, and to complete the district forest resource management plan.

Don’t Move Firewood

To help protect the forest from invasive insects that can kill trees and devastate the ecosystem, please do not transport firewood over long distances. Firewood can harbor insects such as emerald ash borer. Cut or purchase your firewood where you intend to burn it.