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Moshannon State Forest Wild and Natural Areas

Pennsylvania’s state forest system includes dozens of special wild and natural areas set aside to protect unique or unusual biologic, geologic, scenic and historical features or to showcase outstanding examples of the state’s major forest communities.

Natural areas are “managed” by nature and direct human intervention is limited. They:

  • Provide places for scenic observation
  • Protect special plant and animal communities
  • Conserve outstanding examples of natural beauty

Wild areas are generally extensive tracts managed to protect the forest’s wild character and to provide backcountry recreational opportunities.

Marion Brooks Natural Area

This natural area is located adjacent to the Quehanna Highway at the edge of the Quehanna Wild Area. The Marion Brooks Natural Area contains 975 acres -- a portion of which is an almost pure stand of white birch.

This area will be left to the forces of nature, free from human intervention.

Marion Brooks Natural Area Factsheet (PDF)

Quehanna Wild Area

The Quehanna Wild Area is set aside to maintain the undeveloped character of the forest environment.

This 50,000-acre tract was formerly leased to the Curtiss Wright Corporation for jet engine and nuclear research in 1955. It was returned to the commonwealth in 1966.

The Quehanna Wild Area is jointly administered by Moshannon and Elk State Forest districts. Snowmobiling, vehicular camping, and off-road vehicle use are prohibited to protect the wild character of the area.

Quehanna Wild Area Fact Sheet (PDF)