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Hiking in Clear Creek State Forest

Hiking is available throughout Clear Creek State Forest on 77 miles of trails. 

Twenty miles are designated hiking only, with the remainder assigned as shared-use.

Shared-use trails are open to hiking, biking, and horseback riding.

Trails are shown on the Clear Creek State Forest Public Use Map (PDF) and individual tract maps.

Clear Creek Tract Trails

Over 18 miles of trails are available for hiking in the Clear Creek Tract.  The Pine Loop Trail is hiking-only, and remaining trails are shared-use.

Pine Run Loop

The Pine Run Loop is a two-mile trail that is limited to hiking-only.  It winds through unique rock formations along a cascading stream.  A connector trail can be used to create a shorter, one-mile loop to view the rocks.

Beartown Rocks Trail

The two-mile Beartown Rocks Trail connects Beartown Rocks with Clear Creek State Park. Beginning at the Beartown Rocks Overlook, it descends into the Clear Creek Valley and continues to Shelter #5 at Clear Creek State Park along Route 949. The trail also serves as a connector with other trails, offering multiple loop options.

Other Clear Creek Tract Trails

Other trails in the Clear Creek Tract include:

  • Trap Run Trail
  • Clear Creek Trail
  • Silvis Trail
  • Rocky Trail
  • Laurel Trail
Trails can be accessed from multiple points that are viewable on the Clear Creek and Callen Run Tract Map (PDF).

Kennerdell Tract Trails

Over 23 miles of trails can be explored in the Kennerdell Tract.  Seven miles are designated hiking-only, and 16 miles are shared-use.

Kennerdell Trail

Access to the Kennerdell Trail is from the Dewoody Road parking lot.  The Kennerdell Trail travels 2.3 miles to the Kennerdell bridge or can be used with other trails to create multiple loop options. To the north, the Dennison Run and Overlook trails form a 4.4-mile loop. To the south, the Iron Furnace and South trails also form a 4.4-mile loop.  Combining both loops results in a 6.4-mile loop.

Overlook Trail

The Overlook Trail travels one mile from the Kennerdell Trail to Dennison Run Trail.  Dennison Point Overlook is found on the Overlook Trail. From the Dewoody Road parking lot, the overlook is a 3-mile out-and-back hike using Kennerdell and Overlook trails.

Iron Furnace Trail

Travel from the Kennerdell Trail to the Bullion Run Iron Furnace on the 0.7-mile Iron Furnace Trail. The Bullion Run Iron Furnace is a 2.7-mile round trip hike from the Dewoody Road parking lot.

Pipeline Trail

The 2.8-mile Pipeline Trail travels from the trailhead at the Dennison Road parking lot to the River Trail.  The Pipeline Trail can be used to create multiple loop options. Strip Mine Trail and Fishermans Cove Trail create a six-mile loop to the north. 

Other Kennerdell Tract Shared-Use Trails

  • Ridge Trail
  • Rock Oak Trail
  • Window Trail
  • Blunder Trail
  • River Trail

National and State Designated Hiking Trails

Portions of the North Country National Scenic Trail and the Rachel Carson Trails Conservancy's Baker Trail cross the Maple Creek and Clarion River tracts. These trails are shown on the Clear Creek State Forest Public Use Map (PDF).