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Bike Riding

If your need for speed is on two wheels, there are lots of options in our Pennsylvania state parks or the vast network of rail-trails for a spin on flat, family-friendly trails.

The bike trails found in state parks feature a variety of sizes, terrain and scenic views. An added bonus is that you can take advantage of the many resources, facilities and activities found within each park.

Bike Safety

  • Be safe – don’t forget your helmet!  Helmets must be worn level and snug on top of the head with the chin strap securely fastened.
  • Please be considerate of other trail users; ride to the right and signal when passing.

Bike Riding in Pennsylvania State Parks

The following state parks offer bicycling trails, which are paved or fine aggregate surface trails, and generally flat:

Northern Pennsylvania

Shikellamy State Park

A 1.5-mile, paved hiking and biking path encircles Shikellamy Marina. Bicycle rentals are available at the boat rental during the summer. Explore Shikellamy State Park for more information.

Southern Pennsylvania

Caledonia State Park

The 0.7-mile Trolley Trail is an old trolley grade that brought visitors from Chambersburg to the Caledonia Amusement Park. 

The old blacksmith shop once served as the trolley station. For your safety, do not bicycle on US 30. Explore Caledonia State Park for more information.

Canoe Creek State Park

The 1-mile Bike Trail is between US 22 and Mattern Road. The trail passes through the day use area and the historic site. The trail explores many habitats in the park, like forests, riparian areas, wetlands and fields. 

Bikes are not allowed on hiking and equestrian trails in the park. Explore Canoe Creek State Park for more information.

Gifford Pinchot State Park

The trails between the campground and the Conewago Day Use Area are for joint-use by hikers, cross-country skiers and bicycles. The multipurpose trail network consists of a 3.5-mile outer loop with a number of internal connectors. The trail winds through woodlands and along the lakeshore and is designed for a slow, leisurely ride.

Trail access for the general public is from the Conewago Day Use Area. Campers can access the trails directly from the campground. A seasonal bike rental is in the Conewago Day Use Area. Explore Gifford Pinchot State Park for more information.

Pine Grove Furnace State Park

All park roads and service roads are open to bicycles unless posted otherwise. A two-mile bike trail connects the Furnace Stack Day Use Area with the Laurel Lake Day Use Area.

 Once the railroad bed of the South Mountain Railroad, the trail surface is crushed limestone or paved. Over half of this route is on Railroad Bed Road and shares the road with vehicles. Explore Pine Grove Furnace State Park for more information.

Prince Gallitzin State Park

All bicyclists may use park roads open to public travel. Campers may cycle the 2.3-mile multi-use trail around the perimeter of the campground. Explore Prince Gallitzin State Park for more information.

Shawnee State Park

The 3.4-mile Lakeshore Trail is easy biking and includes a small section of shared road. All other designated bicycling trails are moderate difficulty – a total of 7.5 miles of bike trails. Explore Shawnee State Park for more information.

Trough Creek State Park

Old Forge Road west of Great Trough Creek is a 3.5-mile dirt road that can be biked to the edge of Raystown Laketrails. Explore Trough Creek State Park for more information.

Eastern Pennsylvania

Benjamin Rush State Park

The 3.5 miles of gravel, multi-use trails wander through forest and open fields and connect to the Fairmont Park system and local neighborhoods. Explore Benjamin Rush State Park for more information.

Big Pocono State Park

Bicycles are permitted on all hard surface roads shared by vehicles. Explore Big Pocono State Park for more information.

Delaware Canal State Park

The 60-mile long Delaware Canal towpath runs from Easton to Bristol and is a National Recreation Trail. Once trod by mule teams pulling boats along the canal, the towpath is used today by walkers, joggers, bicyclists, cross-country skiers, and bird watchers. Across the river is the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park in New Jersey.

Together, Delaware Canal State Park and D&R State Park have formed a series of looping trails connecting Pennsylvania and New Jersey via five bridges. The 30-mile stretch of parallel trails with five connecting bridges allows visitors to choose among 11 different options of length and distance. Each loop will lead visitors through quaint towns, scenic river views, and wooded forests.

A perfect extended weekend could include riding the trails by day and staying overnight at one of the many bed and breakfasts along the way. Explore Delaware Canal State Park for more information.

Fort Washington State Park

The 2.5 mile Green Ribbon Trail provides opportunities for biking, hiking and cross-country skiing along Wissahickon Creek. It connects the Militia Hill and Flourtown Day Use areas via Montgomery County Park land.

The trail also extends through local communities to the south and connects with Fairmount Park’s Forbidden drive in Chestnut Hill. Explore Fort Washington State Park for more information.

Lehigh Gorge State Park

The Lehigh Gorge Trail is open for biking. Wide tires are recommended. Bicycle rentals and shuttle service are available throughout the area. Explore Lehigh Gorge State Park for more information.

Locust Lake State Park

A paved, 1.3-mile long bike trail circles the lake and gives an excellent view of the lake. Explore Locust Lake State Park for more information.

Nockamixon State Park

The popular 2-mile paved bicycle trail winds through the Day Use Area and is ideal for bicycles, strollers, wheelchairs, and walkers. The eastern end of the trail begins at the marina, which offers parking and great views of the lake.

The western end of the trail features a waterfall and the Old Mill Pond. A spur off the main trail passes by the swimming pool and playground. Explore Nockamixon State Park for more information.

Norristown Farm Park

There are 8-miles of trails throughout the park. Most trails are paved and used for walking, rollerblading, and bicycling. Explore Norristown Farm Park for more information.

Promised Land State Park

Riders share the road on the 6.5-mile paved road around Promised Land Lake. Bicycles are not permitted on hiking trails in the park. Explore Promised Land State Park for more information.

Ridley Creek State Park

The 5-mile, paved multi-use trail along Sycamore Mills and Forge roads is designated for bicycles, joggers, walkers, and cross-country skiers. Park in lots #7, #11, #15, and # 17. 

Bikes are prohibited on unpaved hiking trails in the park. Explore Ridley Creek State Park for more information.

Swatara State Park

The wide and flat Bear Hole Trail and Swatara Rail Trail are excellent trail rides on bikes with wide tires. The Northern and Southern Multi-use Loops are popular rides and comprise 11 miles of trails.

There is a total of 14.8 miles of bike trails in the park. Explore Swatara State Park for more information.

Tyler State Park

There are 10.5-miles of bike trails in the park. Trails are named at each intersection. Picnic tables are along the bicycle trails for rest stops. Explore Tyler State Park for more information.

Washington Crossing Historic Park

The 60-mile long Delaware Canal towpath runs from Easton to Bristol and is a National Recreation Trail. It runs through the park. Explore Washington Crossing Historic Park for more information.

White Clay Creek Preserve

Bicyclists may use portions of Edwin Leid Trail. Bicyclists also use the roads in and along the borders of the preserve. Explore White Clay Creek Preserve for more information.

Western Pennsylvania

Cook Forest State Park

Bikes are permitted on all one-way, dirt roads within the park. A 13-mile bicycle route follows lightly traveled roads within the park and a portion of Hefren Run Trail.

Biking on hiking trails is prohibited except on the bicycle route portion of Hefren Run Trail. Explore Cook Forest State Park for more information.

Keystone State Park

The Lakeside Trail is excellent for bikes of all types. This 2-mile, level trail loops around the lake on park roads and walkways. All other trails in the park are foot-traffic only. Explore Keystone State Park for more information.

Maurice K. Goddard State Park

The 12-mile John C. Oliver multi-purpose Trail is paved and follows the north and south shorelines. It can be accessed from Launch 4, Marina, Launch 2, Launch 1, Dam and Dugan’s Run.

The trail is open to two-way bicycle traffic, hiking, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing. Explore Maurice K. Goddard State Park for more information.

Moraine State Park

A paved, 7-mile bicycle trail winds near the shoreline between Davis Hollow and the bike rental building in the northwest corner of the park.

The trail can be accessed at many places in the Lakeview Beach and Watts Bay Marina areas. Explore Moraine State Park for more information.

Ohiopyle State Park

The Youghiogheny River Trail has 27 miles of trail in the park and is part of the Great Allegheny Passage rail-trail. Explore Ohiopyle State Park for more information.

Oil Creek State Park

A 9.7-mile paved bicycle trail through scenic Oil Creek Gorge is a major park attraction. Trailheads are at Petroleum Centre in the south and Drake Well Museum in the north.

Trail users may rent bicycles at the park office. Picnic tables, benches, rain shelters and restrooms are at key points along the trail. Historical markers detail special events of the 1860s oil boom era. Explore Oil Creek State Park for more information.

Point State Park

Bicyclists can ride along the paved pathways through the park to reach various bike routes throughout the city that connect to the North Shore Trail, the South Side Trail and the Eliza Furnace Trail.

The Great Allegheny Passage rail trail offers 141 miles of hiking and biking between Cumberland, MD and Point State Park, in Pittsburgh. In Cumberland, the GAP joins the C&O Canal Towpath, creating a continuous trail experience, 325 miles long, to Washington, DC.

The ten-foot wide multipurpose trail is built on railroad corridors of gentle grades, sweeping curves, large bridges and tunnels that pass through mountains, not over them.

The terminus of the GAP is at the Forks of the Ohio marker near the fountain in Point State Park. Explore Point State Park for more information.

Presque Isle State Park

The Karl Boyes Multi-purpose National Recreation Trail makes a 13.5-mile circuit of the park. This paved trail is designated as a National Recreation Trail.

This ADA accessible trail is popular with bicyclists, in-line skaters and joggers. A seasonal bike rental is in the Waterworks Pumphouse area, near the Cookhouse Pavilion. Explore Presque Isle State Park for more information.

Rail-Trails in Pennsylvania

Rail Trails are former railway lines that have been converted to paths designed for bicycle and pedestrian traffic. Pennsylvania has close to 100 different rail trails, covering more than 1,000 miles.

Explore PA Trails contains maps and information about rail trails in Pennsylvania. Some of the best known rail-trails for bike riding include:

Great Allegheny Passage

Somerset, Westmoreland, Washington, Fayette and Allegheny counties

Considered to be one of the nation’s most popular rail trails, the Great Allegheny Passage begins in Pittsburgh, Pa., and crosses the border into Maryland, eventually ending in the nation’s capital.

The 335-mile journey from Pittsburgh to the end of the trail makes it the longest unpaved bike path on the East Coast. Crushed limestone offers a smooth surface for bikers, hikers, runners and cross country skiers to experience all the natural beauty between Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C.

Heritage Rail Trail County Park

York County

Extending 21 miles through urban and rural landscapes, the Heritage Rail Trail County Park runs south from the City of York to the Mason-Dixon Line. Winding through farmlands, along the bank of Codorus Creek and throughout York City, the rail trail welcomes all ages to run, bike or walk the scenic path.

The four historic structures along the way, including the Colonial Courthouse in York City, provide opportunities to learn the area’s rich history.

Pine Creek Rail Trail

Lycoming and Tioga counties

Hop on a bike or lace up those hiking boots and take a trip on the trail hailed as one of the “10 best places to take a bike tour” by USA Today.

This historic 62-mile Pine Creek Rail Trail in the Pennsylvania Wilds, once used to transport freight by train from Wellsboro to Williamsport, is perfect for a relaxing bike ride.

Delaware and Lehigh Trail

Luzerne, Lehigh, Carbon, Bucks and Northampton counties

The D and L Trail is a 165-mile multi-use trail. The trail incorporates rail trails, rails with trails, share-the-road sections, and canal towpaths. The trail follows the route that anthracite coal took from mine to market.

It winds through northern mountains and along the banks of the Lehigh and Delaware Rivers through northeast Pennsylvania, the Lehigh Valley, and Bucks County.