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Pursue Your Trail!

September 05, 2018 03:20 PM

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​In Pennsylvania, we’re fortunate to have thousands of miles of trails of all types to hike, ride, and paddle, just waiting to be explored at little to no cost.

To recognize their many values, we’re celebrating trails in September! Check out the trail and recreation opportunities Pennsylvania offers:

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Kicking off Trails Month

DCNR Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn this week is visiting three trails in northeastern Pennsylvania to hear from stakeholders and local officials about the trails’ importance to healthy citizens and attracting visitors.

“Trails connect places, they are one of the best guides to nature, and more than 75 percent of Pennsylvanians believe that, along with parks, they are an essential component of our health care system,” Dunn said.

Stops on the visit include:

  • A ribbon cutting for the Pocono Creek pedestrian bridge in Monroe County. The bridge and trail connect Knights Park and local neighborhoods to Stroudsburg High School and the Stroudsburg Borough Park. DCNR provided a $360,000 investment in the bridge.
  • Promised Land State Park in Pike County to highlight the opportunities for horseback riding. Horseback riding is allowed on park roads and designated trails, and provide access to 26 miles of equestrian trails in Delaware State Forest.
  • The trailhead for the Delaware and Hudson Trail, which runs two miles to the south and eight miles to the north in Forest City in Susquehanna County. The trail section is a center for organized events that attract participants, including a half marathon that will be held on September 9.

“At these three locations in northeast Pennsylvania, we can see the exciting range of trail opportunities that are examples of what you can find across the state -- trail connections between schools and places to enjoy nature; a wide range of trail types including for those who like to ride horses, bikes, or ATVs; and locations for events that draw visitors who reenergize towns along the path,” Dunn said.

How to Find a Trail

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Anyone who wants to visit a trail but is not sure where to go can find 12,000 miles of trails on the recently refreshed Explore PA Trails website.

You now can search for trails in the way you prefer -- by trail name, county or zip code, or the type of trail to find your perfect path! You also can find DCNR’s calendar of events, the Pennsylvania Trail of the Year, and a featured trail. 

Trail Partners Moving Efforts Forward

DCNR helps coordinate a 20-member Pennsylvania Trails Advisory Committee that represents many different types of users and stakeholders. It advises the department of the use of state and federal trail funding.

The committee recently published its 2017 Trails Report (PDF), which shares helpful information about trail planning, closing trail gaps to reach the goal of having a trail within 15 minutes of every Pennsylvanian, and many great accomplishments for the year.

DCNR partners with various trail organizations to help maintain all the trails across the state. You can help care for your favorite trails. Find upcoming trail events at DCNR’s calendar.

The Path to Good Health

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Not only is hitting the trail usually free, trails also have a role to plan in maintaining good health by:

  • Providing walkable access to appropriate sites to motivate people to participate in physical activity and to do so more frequently
  • Encouraging physical activity that can improve heart health
  • Along with parks, providing safe spaces for people to play and exercise, away from busy streets and commercial zones

Learn More About Trails

Visit to find a trail near you that suits you!

Learn more about staying safe while hiking, Leave No Trace ethics, and ways reduce your chances of spreading invasive species (PDF) on the trail.

There's a PA trail for everyone. Pursue your trail!

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