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​​​​​​​Weddings in State Parks

Wedding ceremonies are important milestones in one’s life and Pennsylvania state parks can provide incredible backdrops for one-of-a-kind scenic services.

Ceremonies are typically permitted in state parks but do require pre-approval from the park office.

Pennsylvania state parks offer a wide range of facilities and services from pavilion rentals at almost any park to full wedding facilities including food services at Kings Gap Environmental Education Center in Cumberland County.

For all your wedding ceremony inquiries and questions, please contact the state park office where you are interested in having the ceremony.

All weddings require pre-approval.

If your wedding includes the use of a commercial photographer or catering company, please be certain to discuss these details with the park office.


If your wedding service is approved, most parks will charge a small administrative fee for processing the necessary paperwork.

Additional fees apply for the rental of pavilions or other rental facilities such as, but not limited to:

Wedding Toss/Throwing Rice

Wedding toss is the process by which something (rice, birdseed, etc.) is lightly tossed at a newly married couple for good luck.

In an effort to protect the resource and wildlife and provide visitor safety, the wedding party and guests will be asked to refrain from throwing any wedding toss or from releasing any type of wildlife (i.e. white doves, butterflies, etc.).

Alternatively, the wedding party and guests will be permitted to blow bubbles or use low volume noise makers (such as kazoos or groggers) with prior written permission from the park.

Where to Hold ​​​​a Wedding Ceremony in State Parks


Bald Eagle State Park

This activity or structure is ADA accessible.

The Nature Inn at Bald Eagle can accommodate weddings of up to 150 guests. The Nature Inn at Bald Eagle is a full-service facility that can provide catering, overnight rooms, lakeview ceremony sites, etc.

For more information, contact the inn at 814-625-2879.

Chapman State Park

This activity or structure is ADA accessible.

The amphitheater accommodates 130 people, and Pavilion Number 4 accommodates 150 people.

Leonard Harrison State Park

The main overlook at the park accommodates 100 people. Time limits and seasonal peak time closures apply.


Canoe Creek State Park

This activity or structure is ADA accessible.

The historic limestone kilns, Pavilion Number 3 and other lake side sites are popular for weddings.

The park amphitheater is also available for rental and seats approximately 60 people. Pavilion Number 3 and the adjacent fishing pier and restrooms are ADA accessible.

Codorus State Park

The Band Shell and Classroom Building each accommodate 70 people.

Colonel Denning State Park

The spillway gazebo provides a scenic venue to hold an outdoor wedding. The lawn area can accommodate more than 100 guests. Gazebo must be rented.

Greenwood Furnace State Park

The historic church can be rented.

Kings Gap Environmental Education Center

​Full-service weddings are available indoors and outside. The mansion is scenic and has guest rooms for overnight stays.

Little Buffalo State Park

This activity or structure is ADA accessible.

The recreation hall accommodates 200 people and includes a kitchen.

Pine Grove Furnace State Park

The historic Ironmasters Mansion and grounds are available for weddings. Pavilion rentals are also available for wedding use.

Prince Gallitzin State Park

Mud Lick Gazebo provides a beautiful overlook of the Mud Lick Cove of Glendale Lake while offering a scenic backdrop of the western portion of the park. This area accommodates approximately 50 people.

The gazebo is available for scheduling in advance by contacting the park office.

Samuel S. Lewis State Park

The Mt. Pisgah overlook offers a breathtaking view of the Susquehanna River. Adjacent to the overlook is the Hilltop Pavilion, capable of accommodating 100 people. Pavilion rental is strongly recommended.

Susquehannock State Park

​The Hawk Point overlook provides a spectacular backdrop for weddings. The adjacent Hawk Point Pavilion is available for rental and accommodates 72 people.

Trough Creek State Park

This activity or structure is ADA accessible.

Pavilion/Area Number 1, directly adjacent to Great Trough Creek, is very popular for weddings and reservations include ample parking. The facilities at Area Number 1 are ADA accessible.


French Creek State Park

This activity or structure is ADA accessible.

The amphitheater accommodates 100 people.

Hickory Run State Park

The historic chapel accommodates 50 people. The nearest restroom is non-flush.

Neshaminy State Park

The grassy field along the Delaware River (adjacent to Delaware Drive and Parking Lot Number 3) accommodates more than 100 people.

Ridley Creek State Park

The historic mansion and grounds are available for weddings.

Tyler State Park

Picnic groves and pavilion accommodate 60 to 150 people.

Worlds End State Park

Canyon Vista and the Chapel accommodate 30 people. Parking is limited.


Cook Forest State Park

Fire Tower Number 9 and the Seneca Point Overlook both accommodate 100 people.

Keystone State Park

The amphitheater accommodates 50 to 70 people.

McConnells Mill​ State Park

Weddings at McConnells Mill State Park are only permitted at the Kildoo Pavilion. A pavilion reservation is required.

Moraine State P​ark

Seven pavilions at Moraine State Park are popular for weddings and receptions, including ample parking. Weddings are only permitted at pavilions and pavilion reservations are required.

Ohiopyle State Park

The gravel overlook of Ohiopyle Falls and the Tharp Knob Overlook accommodate 100 people.

Point State Park

Check the Point Special Event Guidelines for specific locations. Receptions are prohibited. Other restrictions apply.

Presque Isle State Park

This activity or structure is ADA accessible.

The Perry Monument, Rotary Pavilion, Beach 7 ADA deck, pavilions and beaches all accommodate 100 people.

Pymatuning State Park

The Gatehouse lawn accommodates 100 people. Receptions are prohibited at the Gatehouse, but are permitted at nearby picnic pavilions.

Raccoon Creek State Park

This activity or structure is ADA accessible.

The Recreation Hall accommodates 100 people.

Ryerson Station State Park

McNay Ridge Organized Group Camp, Outdoor Chapel, and the amphitheater all accommodate 75 people.

Yellow Creek State Park

The Stake Church, amphitheater, North Shore Area, and beach accommodate 100 to 200 people.​