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Camping Prices

A non-refundable $6.00 transaction fee is charged per site on all backpacking/river camping site, campground site, or walled tent site reservation or registration. Transaction fees do not apply to dump station use charges.

Senior citizens and people with disabilities can get a reduced campsite price.

Backpacking/River Camping (designated sites only)

​Facility ​Time Frame​ ​Resident Price ​Non-resident Price​
​Campsite/Shelter ​Per Night Per Person ​$4.00 ​$5.00


​Campsite ​Time Frame​ ​Resident Price ​Non-resident Price​
​Base Price ​Per Night ​$15.00 ​$20.00

additional charges to base campsite price  

​Additional Charges ​Time Frame​ ​Resident Price ​Non-resident Price​
​Premium - Fri, Sat, Holiday, Events ​Per Night ​$4.00 ​$4.00
​Modern (showers) ​Per Night ​$4.00 ​$4.00
​Adirondack Shelter ​Per Night ​$2.00 ​$2.00

Campsite amenities 

​Site Amenities ​Time Frame ​Resident Price​ Non-resident Price​
​Electricity ​Per Night ​$6.50 ​$6.50
​Water ​Per Night ​$8.00 ​$8.00
​Water and Sewer ​Per Night ​$13.00 ​$13.00
​Designated Pet Campsite ​Per Night ​$2.00 ​$2.00
​Extra Vehicle ​Per Night ​$5.00 ​$5.00
​Multi-campsite ​Per Night ​$18.00 ​$21.00

Discounts to Campsite Price 

​Discounts ​Time Frame​ Resident Price​ ​Non-resident Price​
​Weekly Discount (per 7 days) ​Per Week ​$15.00 ​$17.00
​Senior Citizen (62 yrs and over)/ADA ​Per Night ​$4.50 ​$4.50
​Senior Citizen (62 yrs and over)/ADA ​Per Week ​$27.00 ​$27.00

Miscellaneous Camping Prices 

​Miscellaneous Camping Time Frame or Service​ ​Resident Price Non-resident Price​
​Camping Unit Storage ​Per Week ​$16.00 ​$16.00
​Camping Unit Storage ​Per Night ​$3.50 ​$3.50
​Camping Equestrian Site ​Per Night ​$19.00 ​$24.00
​Transient RV Overnight Camping ​Per Night ​$6.00 ​$6.00
​Dump Station for Non-camper ​Per Use ​$10.00 ​$11.00

Walled Tents

​Walled Tent ​Range ​Resident Price​ ​Non-resident Price​
​Walled Tent ​Weekly Range ​$188.00 to $284.00 ​$214.00 to $316.00
​Walled Tent ​Nightly Range ​$32.00 to $52.00 ​$37.00 to $56.00

Make online reservations anytime. Call toll-free 888-PA-PARKS (888-727-2757) for state park information and reservations, 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday to Saturday except on the Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day.