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History of Ravensburg State Park

The park was named for ravens that once roosted on the rock ledges at the southern end of the park. Ravens are still seen around the park and can be distinguished from crows because ravens are larger than crows and make a deeper, groan-like call.

The forest of Ravensburg State Park has undergone little change during the last 100 years. It is unlikely that extensive logging ever occurred in the area due to the steep, rocky terrain and the isolation of the area.

Civilian Conservation Corps 

A circular United States Civilian Conservation Corps logo in green with trees 

The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) constructed Ravensburg State Park on state forest land. CCC Camp S-127 built picnic pavilions, latrines, waterlines, fountains, bridges, trails, and a dam on Rauchtown Run.

Ravensburg State Park still has a pleasing rustic character due to the rugged land and the CCC era structures of native stone, rough-sawn logs, and stained wood.