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Advisories for Forbes State Forest

State Forest Land Closure, Westmoreland County

Due to safety concerns, an area of Forbes State Forest in Westmoreland County is closed until further notice.

A Map of the Closed Area in Forbes State Forest in Westmoreland County (PDF) shows details of the closure.

It is prohibited to enter, use, or remain in this state forest area per state forest rules and regulations.

Camping and Fuelwood Permits

Remote fulfillment of camping and fuelwood permits can be accommodated by contacting the Forbes State Forest District office.

Relevant forms can be provided and submitted by email or U.S. mail, and may be sent to:

Forbes State Forest District Office
1291 Route 30
P.O. Box 519
Laughlintown, PA 15655

Chronic Wasting Disease

Chronic wasting disease, which is an always fatal disease to deer and elk, has been detected in all or portions of Forbes State Forest.

Hunters should be aware of special rules and regulations that apply to deer harvested within the Disease Management Area. It is recommended that those deer be tested for the disease.

More information about chronic wasting disease can be found on the Pennsylvania Game Commission and the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture websites.

In addition, the Pennsylvania Game Commission provides information about deer processors in the Disease Management Area.

Don​’t Move Firewood

To help protect the forest from invasive insects that can kill trees and devastate the ecosystem, please do not transport firewood over long distances.

Firewood can harbor insects such as emerald ash borer. Cut or purchase your firewood where you intend to burn it.

Winter Travel Advisory

Please exercise good judgement in using state forest roads in winter conditions. Many state forest roads receive no winter maintenance.

Please avoid blindly following GPS directions and travel only on plowed and maintained roads. Becoming stuck on a remote state forest road could result in a very dangerous situation.

If your vehicle becomes stuck, you will be expected to call a towing service.