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DMAP Hunting in State Forests and Parks

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources offers Deer Management Assistance Program (DMAP) hunting opportunities in designated state forests and state parks to help conserve a healthy, natural habitat that supports wildlife diversity and healthy deer populations on its lands.

The Deer Management Assistance Program​ permit can be used to harvest one antlerless deer in the specific program area during any established antlerless deer hunting season within the appropriate license year.

Antlerless deer also may be taken on DMAP properties during the antlered-only firearms season. Hunters may not use DMAP permits to harvest an antlered deer.

Hunters may obtain up to two DMAP permits per designated area, and are required to file a harvest report regardless of whether they kill a deer.

To report your DMAP harvest or no harvest, visit the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s HuntFishPA website.

Purchase a DMAP Permit

DMAP permits go on sale during the third round of antlerless license sales (second Monday of August).

Hunters may obtain permits directly from license issuing agents or at the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s HuntFishPA website.

Before obtaining the permit, hunters need to get the DMAP unit number for the state forest or park area they want to hunt.

Hunters may use DCNR’s Interactive Map to find available DMAP areas on state forest and state park land.

Available DMAP Permits in State Forests and Parks

Hunters also may find maps and the number of remaining available DMAP permits in state forests and parks below.

This information is updated every seven to 14 days based on permit data received from the Pennsylvania Game Commission.

Because DMAP permits are obtained directly from the Pennsylvania Game Commission, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources does not know how many coupons are remaining for any DMAP area or when an area is “sold out” until we receive data from the Game Commission.

The only way to know if permits remain for a particular DMAP area “right now” is to attempt to purchase one from the Pennsylvania Game Commission’s HuntFishPA website.