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​Proposed DCNR 2023-2024 Budget

Governor Josh Shapiro’s proposed budget provides additional support to improve state parks and forests and to create a new Office of Outdoor Recreation.

Overall, the proposed 2023-2024 Commonwealth budget includes $621.5 million for DCNR across all funding sources, an increase of about six percent.

During his budget address, the Governor stressed the importance of protecting our natural resources, parks and trails, mentioning both Presque Isle and Pine Grove Furnace state parks by name.

He talked about how important parks, forests, and trails are to families across the Commonwealth, including his own family.

State Park and Forest Infrastructure

The budget that Governor Shapiro proposed would provide $112 million to maintain and improve infrastructure in parks and forests, which would be the single largest investment in decades.

In addition, the budget includes $2.8 million to support operating needs for the management and safety of our public lands.

Creating an Office of Outdoor Recreation

Recognizing the importance of the outdoor recreation economy, Governor Shapiro directed a portion of the $2.8 million for the Office of Outdoor Recreation to connect DCNR with the private industries and communities seeking to leverage outdoor recreation for economic development.

Last year, DCNR hired Pennsylvania’s first Director of Outdoor Recreation and by creating an office, Pennsylvania will join 18 other states that have recognized the power of outdoor recreation to:

  • Spur economic growth
  • Retain and attract new residents
  • Drive tourism
  • Expand access to the outdoors
  • Improve public health and community well-being.

Pennsylvania will be the largest state -- in both population and economy -- to seize this transformative opportunity.

The legislature will review the Governor’s proposed budget and enact budget bills for the Governor's approval. The current fiscal year ends June 30.

Additional Resources

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