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Invasive Hitch-Hikers

People can accidentally spread invasive species when they go for a hike, take their boat out on an infested lake, or go hunting.

Seeds from some invasive plants can stick to clothing or get lodged in the tread of boots and shoes.

Some aquatic invasives have tiny larvae that can spread on fishing tackle, waders, and boats.

Preventing the spread of these invasive species is much easier than trying to control them once they have become established, so it is essential that when people spend time outdoors they are cautious about where they travel.

The fact sheets listed below give simple tips to lower the chance that you will spread invasive species.

Prevent the Spread!

Do you hike, boat, or camp? Check out these fact sheets for tips to reduce the chance of spreading invasive species when you recreate on DCNR lands and other Pennsylvania natural places: