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​Pennsylvania Trail of the Year

Pennsylvania is a leader in trail development, providing its citizens and visitors with more than 11,000 miles of trails across the commonwealth to enjoy, from gentle pathways threading through miles of preserved greenways, to remote, rugged trails scaling the state’s magnificent mountains.

Each year, the Pennsylvania Trails Advisory Committee designates a Trail of the Year to help build enthusiasm and support for both large and small trails, and raise public awareness about the value of Pennsylvania’s trail network.

In honor of the achiev​ement,​ the committee and DCNR produce a poster for statewide distribution and plan a public celebration for the recognized trail.

2024 Trail of the Year: Trails at Jakes Rocks

A mountain bike leans against a large boulder on a cloudy day along a dirt path which leads to a wooden boardwalk in the woods w

The Trails at Jakes Rocks is a 35-mile natural surface trail system located in the Allegheny National Forest in Warren County.

The trails are used primarily for mountain biking, but other types of recreation such as hiking, trail running, and cross-country skiing are also permitted.

The Trails at Jakes Rocks was established to address a notable gap in Warren County's recreational landscape: high-quality mountain bike trails. The unique design as a stacked-loop system significantly reduces the typical gaps found in point-to-point trail systems.

A dirt path leads between large trees in a dense forest with ferns and moss.

The Trails at Jakes Rocks has not only created a fantastic trail system but also serves as an economic driver.​

A recent economic impact analysis found that the Trails at Jakes Rocks draws over 25,000 users annually and generates an estimated $9 million in annual tourism spending.

 The backs of three people running on a trail past rocks and trees in a forest. A wooden sign reads: N A M B A. M T B Group Rides

The Trails at Jakes Rocks is a prime example of a modern, professionally designed, and meticulously constructed natural surface mountain bike trail system.

Visit the Pennsylvania Wilds Assets webpage​ ​or the Trails at Jakes Rocks Facebook page for more information about the trail.