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Green Park Award

Each year, DCNR and the Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society (PRPS) recognize excellence in the public park community for sites that demonstrate the integration of green and sustainable park practices through the Green Park Award.

Green Park Award Nominations

Nominations are accepted for the Green Park Award from November until January, and one local park is selected as the site that best meets the criteria of the Green Park Award.

The nomination form details the submission requirements.

Green Park Award Selection

Green Park Award applications are evaluated against the criteria below and a winner is selected by the DCNR/PRPS Green Parks Committee. Award nominations are evaluated on:

  • Site location and site design
  • Water conservation
  • Natural landscaping
  • Materials selection and construction
  • Connecting people to nature
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Environmental stewardship messaging

The award will is presented during the Annual PRPS Conference. The winning park receives a plaque and a native tree planted on site with a commemorative marker. 

All nominations submitted for the Green Park Award are showcased on DCNR’s Green Park Award web page and featured on the PA Green Community Parks Map.

2018 Green Parks Award Winner

The 2018 Green Park Award winners are Aspinwall Riverfront Park in Allegheny County and Clem Macrone Park in Delaware County.

Aspinwall Riverfront Park (PDF) was selected for its demonstrated commitment to:

  • Water quality 
  • Connecting people to nature
  • Environmental stewardship

The park was transformed from a brownfield site and marina and was saved for recreation and open space from the plans to create commercial development. The park has 3 distinct spaces that encompasses how water shapes everyday lives.

Clem Macrone Park (PDF) was selected for its demonstrated commitment to:

  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly materials selection and construction
  • Environmental stewardship and education 
  • Natural landscaping

Clem Macrone Park is a 9.4-acre site situated amongst a very populated neighborhood. The park was purchased in 1958 and named after Clem Macrone, a dedicated community member. The park offers a variety of passive and active recreation opportunities.

Previous Green Park Award Winners

Previous winners of the Green Park Award include:

Award Nominees -- Honorable Mention

The following Green Park Award nominees deserve an honorable mention for their green and sustainable park practices: