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Susquehanna Riverlands Conservation Landscape

Located in Lancaster and York counties, the Susquehanna Riverlands Conservation Landscape strives to conserve and protect the greenway corridor of river lands along the Susquehanna River.

Framed by miles of forested rocky cliffs and rolling hills of the high Piedmont, the river and the towns adorning its shores are the ribbon that binds this majestic region.

Regional assets include: 

  • Three major lakes created by hydroelectric dams on the river -- Lake Clarke, Lake Aldred, and the Conowingo pool
  • Three National Recreation Trails -- the Lower Susquehanna River Water Trail, Kelly’s Run Pinnacle Trail, and the Mason-Dixon Trail
  • The Ferncliff Nature Preserve -- a National Natural Landmark
  • A state-recognized Heritage Area
  • An Important Bird Area designated by the National Audubon Society
  • Renewed riverside towns -- attractive places to live, work, and explore
  • More than 2,000 acres of protected, publicly-accessible land

The Susquehanna Riverlands Conservation Landscape is a collaboration of communities, organizations, and agencies seeking to enhance this rich landscape through:

  • Increased land protection
  • Natural and cultural resource stewardship
  • Increased public connection to these resourcesncreased public connection to these resources
  • Promoting sustainable economic development through heritage and outdoor tourism

Goals of the Susquehanna Riverlands

  • Conserving and protecting the natural, cultural, historic, and scenic resources

  • Strengthening positive relationships between people and the natural and cultural heritage of the Susquehanna River corridor

  • Supporting local economic activity through physical connections

  • Promoting local business and employment based on conservation, sustainable use, and enjoyment of the river corridor’s resources

  • Sustaining farming, forestry, and other components of the rural economy

  • Encouraging place-based economic activity in the towns by positioning them as gateways to the river corridor

  • Promoting visitation in selected niche markets (heritage, eco-tourism, and agri-tourism) consistent with maintaining the carrying capacity of the natural and built infrastructure

Areas of Focus

Outdoor Fun

From scenic overlooks to water-based recreation to parks and trails and so much more, Susquehanna Riverlands is bound to please the outdoor enthusiast.

Easy access points to the river, overlooks, outfitters, 40 parks and preserves, and marinas make it easy to explore.

History and Culture

Festivals, tours, art happenings, museums, and heritage sites shine a spotlight on the region’s diverse history and culture.

Get the lay of the land at the Columbia Crossing River Trails Center, the gateway to exploring the Susquehanna Riverlands.

Shopping and Dining

Enjoying the natural, historical, and cultural aspects of the region is not complete without visiting the restaurants, shops, and other destinations that make the region special. For more tourism information, see these resources: