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Pennsylvania Licensed Water Well Drillers

Pennsylvania law requires water well drillers to obtain a license from the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources’ Bureau of Geological Survey. The Pennsylvania Licensed Water Well Drillers Database lists drillers that have a license.

A license does not imply that a driller has knowledge of proper drilling or well construction practice.

In Pennsylvania, there are no statewide construction or siting standards for private water wells. Some municipalities, however, do have standards.

The National Groundwater Association provides voluntary certification of well drillers. A lack of certification does not indicate an inability to properly construct a water well.

The Pennsylvania Geological Survey does not endorse drillers based on this certification.

Ultimately, across the state, protection and maintenance of a private well is the responsibility of the homeowner.

Private wells are typically safe, dependable sources of water if sited wisely and constructed properly.

Search for a Licensed Water Well Driller

Use the Pennsylvania Licensed Water Well Drillers Database to search for a Pennsylvania licensed water well driller. This web application allows you to search for a water well driller by name, by county served, and/or by service type.


If you have questions about the Pennsylvania Licensed Water Well Drillers Database, contact the department’s Bureau of Geological Survey at 717-702-2017.