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Other Lease Information

Below are additional topics about which DCNR receives questions. If you have additional questions, contact the leased campsite administrator at the forest district office where your campsite is located with any questions or concern.

Garbage Disposal

All garbage, trash, or other solid waste generated at the campsite must be taken with you when you leave your campsite.

On-site garbage pits or open burning of trash and garbage are not permitted at your leased campsite. Please do not dispose of trash at any park or picnic area on DCNR lands.


Campfires are permitted at lease campsite, as long as care is taken to keep the fire under control.

No campfires or other open burning is permitted from March 1 through May 25, or during any time the fire danger is considered High, Very High, or Extreme as determined by the local district forester.

The use of gas grills, camp stoves, and charcoal is permitted when used correctly and safely. Remember that you, as the lessee, are responsible for the cost of extinguishing any wildfire resulting from a fire started by anyone at your cabin.

Mailboxes and 911 Address

Mailboxes and newspaper delivery boxes are not permitted at lease campsites. Address posts or signs indicating the 911 address of the camp are permitted only when county emergency management agencies require it.

The installation of any posts or signs required by the county is the responsibility of the lessee. The location and materials used for the post or sign must be approved by the district forester.

Tree and Firewood Removal

Dead and down trees on the lease can be used for firewood at no charge. A firewood permit is necessary if collecting dead or down trees outside the lease boundaries. A firewood permit can be obtained from the forest district office.

You can request to remove live trees from your lease if they endanger your cabin. Contact the local forest district office to have the campsite administrator come out and review your request.

If the administrator agrees that the tree should be removed, he/she will issue a permit for the value of the tree. It is your responsibility to have the tree removed at your own cost.

Timber Sales

Timber sales may be conducted on state forest lands surrounding campsites. You will be notified if a timber sale will occur near your camp lease, and a 150-foot buffer will be maintained around the existing main campsite building.