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Fees and Taxes

The annual rental fee for your lease is $200 every year. Local taxes may be assessed and are your responsibility. If you use water from state forest land, you may need a water use agreement.

Annual Rental Fee

Even though your lease is for a 10-year period, your rental payment is made annually. Each year an annual lease fee of $200 will be assessed.

An invoice is sent to the lessee or agent at the address DCNR has on file, and it is expected to be paid within 30 days.

Please let us know if your address has changed by contacting the forest district or completing the Contact Information Form (PDF) and mailing it to DCNR.

Water Use Agreement

A Water Use Agreement (PDF) is required if water lines are installed on state forest land to provide water to your campsite from a spring, stream, well, or any other source.

If the water supply originates on your lease, no fee is charged. However, if the water supply does not originate on your lease, the fee is $25 for the 10-year lease agreement period.

This will be included at the time of your lease renewal. No agreement is needed if water is gathered by hand and not piping has been installed.

The need for an agreement is so that DCNR can keep track of where water lines are to ensure they are not damaged or interfere with other forest management activities.


The cabin and personal property on the leased campsite may be taxed by local tax authorities. It is your responsibility to notify the local tax assessor of your ownership of this property and to pay the taxes when they are due.

You should also determine if there are any unpaid taxes before purchasing a cabin. These taxes become your responsibility after the lease is transferred. Failure to pay local taxes is sufficient cause for lease termination.

If local taxes are not paid, the buildings may be sold by the County Tax Claim Bureau. DCNR is under no obligation to grant a lease to anyone who acquires a building in this manner.