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Spring flowers amid rocks on riverbank on spring day
  • Fire and Rain—Using Biochar to Improve Rain Gardens, Control Stormwater

    DCNR is encouraging the use of biochar in rain gardens and urban tree plantings to assist plant growth and adsorb water.

  • PA River Sojourns Offer More than a Quick Paddle

    Learn about and attend river sojourns and other paddling opportunities during June, Pennsylvania Rivers Month!

  • Good Natured Pa’ians: Reptile and Amphibian Expert Inspires Through Volunteerism, Photography, Social Media

    Meet our Good Natured Pa'ian, Kyle Fawcett. He's a volunteer, photographer, outdoors and wildlife enthusiast, communicator, and educator!

  • Prescribed Burns in Forest Management

    The DCNR Bureau of Forestry carries out numerous prescribed burns on an annual basis. Learn about the benefits.

  • Long-Standing DCNR Advisory Council Provides a Voice for Citizens

    When DCNR celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2020, its citizen advisory council (CNRAC) will be sharing the celebratory cake.