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Good Natured Blog
  • Will a Harsh PA Winter Kill Ticks?

    DCNR's Bureau of Forestry explains how the recent frigid, winter weather across Pennsylvania can impact the tick population.

  • A Message from the Secretary: 2017 Highlights and Accomplishments

    Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn reflects on DCNR's 2017 accomplishments, and looks forward to the department's goals for the new year.

  • First Day Hikes Offer a Great Start to New Year’s Resolutions

    First Day Hikes offer a great start for New Year resolutions to get healthier, reduce stress, or spend more time with loved ones.

  • Grants Funded by Keystone, Environmental Stewardship Fund to Help Communities Across Pennsylvania

    Governor Tom Wolf announced an investment of $44 million for 266 projects across Pa. that will help revitalize local communities.

  • PA Outdoor Corps: The Next Generation of Conservationists

    Young Pennsylvanians have the opportunity to participate in conservation work through a new program: The PA Outdoor Corps.