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Good Natured Blog
  • Glaciers and Groundwater: A Pennsylvania Connection

    DCNR geologists recently helped site a new well at Moraine State Park that will provide high-quality drinking water and save money.

  • Fall Migration: Behold Beautiful Birds in Pennsylvania Skies

    Birding, or birdwatching, is a popular hobby, especially in Pa. where there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy our feathered friends.

  • State Park Beaches Offer Extended Swimming Season

    There’s still time to enjoy summer fun at Pennsylvania state parks, even after the Labor Day holiday weekend.

  • Engaging Young Minds for the Future of Conservation

    A DCNR strategic initiative is to better engage with Pennsylvania’s youth, including expanding the ways we connect with young adults.

  • Aerial Assault: Dead and Dying Ash Trees Pose Hazard from Above

    The invasive and destructive emerald ash borer is responsible for hundreds of millions of dead and dying ash trees.