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Good Natured Blog
  • Native Roses Aren’t Red

    Long-stemmed red roses are a favorite Valentine’s Day gift among sweethearts. But did you know that Pa. has many native roses growing wild?

  • Rail Trails in PA: Using Resources from the Past to Connect Our Future

    Have you ever spent time enjoying a Pennsylvania rail trail? The opportunities at rail trails are nearly endless!

  • Create a Winter Wildlife Habitat in Your Backyard

    Your backyard habitat can be critical to wildlife survival in the winter. Check out our tips for improving your backyard habitat.

  • Cure Your Cabin Fever this Winter by Ice Fishing

    If the weather is cooperative, January and February can be the prime time to think about ice fishing in Pennsylvania.

  • Will a Harsh PA Winter Kill Ticks?

    DCNR's Bureau of Forestry explains how the recent frigid, winter weather across Pennsylvania can impact the tick population.