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Nearby Attractions to Swatara State Park

Information about Swatara State Park’s nearby attractions is available from the Hershey and Harrisburg Regional Visitors Bureau.

Explore the Area

Swatara State Park is located 19 miles northeast of Hershey, which provides myriad opportunities to eat, shop, and play. Closer to the park is a casino, the Army Reserve base at Fort Indiantown Gap, and the Swatara Creek, which is good for kayaking and bird watching.

Learn about some of the area businesses and things to do from the Hershey Partnership and the Harrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC.

Nearby State Parks and Forests

Swatara State Park is close to three state parks, where visitors can enjoy recreation, education, and other activities.

Joseph E. Ibberson Conservation Area

The 803-acre Joseph E. Ibberson Conservation Area is dominated by large hardwood trees and is surrounded by Peters Mountain. This large block of nearly unbroken forest is a haven for wildlife.

The main attraction to the conservation area is the elaborate trail system which connects to the Appalachian Trail on the northern slope of Peters Mountain.

Memorial Lake State Park

The 230-acre Memorial Lake State Park is located near the base of Blue Mountain in East Hanover Township, Lebanon County. The park is surrounded by Fort Indiantown Gap, the headquarters for the Pennsylvania Army and Air National Guard.

Recreational activities include hiking, picnicking, boating, and fishing.

Boyd Big Tree Preserve Conservation Area

The 1,025-acre Boyd Big Tree Preserve Conservation Area straddles Blue Mountain and is the habitat of large trees of numerous species, which are homes for deep forest birds, especially warblers.

Popular recreational activities include hiking, hunting, cross-country skiing, and wildlife watching.

Other Nearby Outdoor Spaces and Natural Places

State Game Lands 80 is near the park and offers additional recreational opportunities.