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Nearby Attractions to Marsh Creek State Park

Information about Marsh Creek State Park’s nearby attractions is available from the Chester County Conference and Visitors Bureau.

Explore the Area

Downingtown was settled in the early 18th century and has a number of historic buildings and structures. The 1958 move, “The Blob” was also filmed in and around the town. You can find quaint shops and places to eat here, as well as in other nearby towns of Guthriesville and Lionville.

Learn about some of the area businesses and things to do from the Downingtown-Thorndale Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Exton Region Chamber of Commerce.

Nearby State Parks and Forests

Marsh Creek State Park is close to several state parks and one state forest, where visitors can enjoy recreation, education, and other activities.

French Creek State Park

Once an industrial complex for the fledgling United States of America, today French Creek State Park is an oasis for people and wildlife. Straddling the Schuylkill Highlands, the 7,730-acre park is the largest block of contiguous forest between Washington D.C. and New York City.

The forests, lakes, wetlands, and fields are a destination for the people of Southeast Pennsylvania to participate in recreational activities like hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, picnicking, swimming, boating, fishing, hunting, disc golfing, orienteering, and camping.

William Penn State Forest

Named for the founder of “Penn’s Woods,” William Penn State Forest contains 1,683 acres in 10 separate tracts across south eastern Pa. The forest protects and conserves unique Pennsylvania ecosystems, including Goat Hill Serpentine Barrens and Little Tinicum Island on the Delaware River.

The forest is popular for fishing, hunting, and sightseeing.

Ridley Creek State Park

Ridley Creek State Park encompasses more than 2,606 acres of Delaware County woodlands and meadows. The gently rolling terrain of the park, bisected by Ridley Creek, is only 16 miles from center city Philadelphia and is an oasis of open space in a growing urban area.

Recreational activities include hiking, biking, horseback riding, picnicking, fishing, hunting, and camping.

Nolde Forest Environmental Education Center

The Nolde Forest Environmental Education Center encompasses more than 665 acres of deciduous woodlands and coniferous plantations. A network of trails makes the center’s streams, ponds, and diverse habitats accessible to both students and visitors.

Teaching stations offer places for students to work and benches for those who wish to sit and enjoy the sights and sounds associated with the natural world.

Fort Washington State Park

Fort Washington State Park consists of 493 acres in eastern Montgomery County. It takes its name from the temporary fort built by George Washington’s troops in the fall of 1777, before heading to Valley Forge.

Rich in modern recreational facilities and historical significance, Fort Washington blossoms with flowering dogwood in the spring.

The park is popular with hikers and picnickers. Other recreational activities include fishing, disc golfing, softball, and camping.

Other Nearby Outdoor Spaces and Natural Places

Exton Park is a few miles to the east, along with other community parks in the area that provide additional recreational opportunities.

Pennsylvania Heritage Areas

Heritage Areas protect, enhance, and promote Pennsylvania’s historic, natural, cultural, and scenic resources.

The Schuylkill River National & State Heritage Area is Pennsylvania’s first designated Scenic River. It has been instrumental in shaping the nation’s heritage for more than 300 years, playing an important role in three revolutions: the American, Industrial, and Environmental.