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Weiser State Forest Wild and Natural Areas

Pennsylvania’s state forest system includes dozens of special wild and natural areas set aside to protect unique or unusual biologic, geologic, scenic and historical features or to showcase outstanding examples of the state’s major forest communities.

Natural areas are “managed” by nature and direct human intervention is limited. They provide places for scenic observation, protect special plant and animal communities and conserve outstanding examples of natural beauty.

Wild areas are generally extensive tracts managed to protect the forest’s wild character and to provide back country recreational opportunities.

Sheets Island Archipelago Natural Area

This natural area is a series of islands located in the Susquehanna River in Dauphin County. This 70-acre group of islands supports many resident and migratory species of waterfowl and songbirds.

Sheets Island Archipelago Natural Area Factsheet (PDF)

Jakey Hollow Natural Area

This gem is located a few miles north of Bloomsburg in Columbia County. The 59-acre tract contains a mixed stand of old eastern white pine, hemlock, oak, and other hardwoods. 

A few giant eastern hemlocks and white pines can be found here and serve as reminders of what the forest in this part of Pennsylvania must have been like in the past.

Jakey Hollow Natural Area Factsheet (PDF)