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Hiking in Gallitzin State Forest

Hikers can enjoy over 51 miles of trails on Gallitzin State Forest. Shorter local trails are shown on Maps of Gallitzin State Forest

State Forest Hiking Trails

Two trails are designated as State Forest Hiking Trails.

John P. Saylor Trail

The John P. Saylor Trail (PDF) is located in Somerset County, south of Route 56.

This 18-mile trail is relatively flat with gradual climbs in elevation. On parts of the trail, there is well-preserved evidence of the former railroad grades over the swamp areas.

The trail crosses Clear Shade Creek by a narrow suspension bridge into the Clear Shade Wild Area and passes through a former logging camp.

Lost Turkey Trail

The Lost Turkey Trail is located in Somerset and Cambria counties, north of Route 56.

This 26-mile trails cuts through Gallitzin State Forest, State Game Lands, and Blue Knob State Park.

Overnight camping is permitted only on the state forest land.

Lost Turkey Trail South (PDF)

Lost Turkey Trail North (PDF)