Rain Garden Design and Management: A Technical Workshop for Landscape Professionals

On September 7, 2013, in Etna (a suburb of Pittsburgh), 40 landscape professionals gathered to learn about the how-to's of installing and maintaining a rain garden.  In the afternoon they got to see one being installed before their eyes, and had the opportunity to help out too.  You can learn more about the workshop and the garden by clicking on the links below.

Etna rain garden 2.JPG


Why Stormwater Matters - Sandy Feather, Penn State Extension

What are Rain Gardens? - Sara Madden, StormWorks

Design: Siting and Sizing a Rain Garden - Barton Kirk, Seeds

Installation Methods - Sara Madden, StormWorks

Plants and Planting - Sandy Feather, Penn State Extension

Maintenance Issues - Roxanne Swann, Audubon Society of Western PA







Stormwater Management: Bioretention in Clay Soils (a Westmoreland Conservation District publication)

Bioretention Cells/Rain Gardens (a Penn State publication)

The Vermont Rain Garden Manual

Rain Garden Alliance Website