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12.75 miles of trails

The trails pass through old growth forest, overlook the gorge, and meander through various habitats.

Fall Brook Trail

1-mile, most difficult hiking, red blazes

Access this trail across the bridge from the Wheaton House. It follows Fall Brook and climbs steeply along the three waterfalls. Use extreme caution on slippery rocks and near the edge of the falls.

After the third waterfall, the trail flattens out and follows the brook past Buckley Road until it ends at the intersection with Bunny Trail.

Hemlock Trail

0.4-mile, more difficult hiking, white blazes

Access this trail at the northeast end of the picnic area, past Salt Spring. Follow right and climb steeply up the hill into the old growth hemlock forest. Just past the intersection with Woodland Trail, Hemlock Trail becomes a raised boardwalk.

It follows the east rim of the gorge past Penny Rock to where a right spur leads to an observation platform overlooking the falls. Use extreme caution near cliffs and steep drop-offs. The trail continues to where it eventually intersects Fall Brook Trail.

Woodland Trail

0.25-mile, easiest hiking, blue blazes

Reached from Hemlock Trail, this trail circles around the east side of the old growth stand. Explore a hemlock almost 300 years old that has fallen across the path.

Hardwood Trail

0.5-mile, more difficult hiking, yellow blazes

Access this trail at the northeast end of the picnic area, past Salt Spring. Follow left up the moderate slope along the edge of the hill. The trail swings south and climbs gently through mixed hardwoods before leveling out and turning west to where it intersects Woodland Trail.

Upland Trail

0.5-mile, more difficult hiking, red blazes

This trail extends the loop of Hardwood Trail, climbing steadily up the mountain through mixed hardwoods, before circling back to rejoin it.

Silver Creek Trail

1.2-mile, easiest hiking, red blazes

This trail is accessed from behind the barn and follows Silver Creek through hemlocks and carpets of ferns. It follows the creek, climbing gradually through mixed hardwoods, and then up a steep climb to where it connects with Meadow Trail. An old stone wall can be an interesting rest stop.

Meadow Trail

0.8-mile, easiest hiking, yellow blazes

Accessed from either Buckley Road or Silver Creek Trail, this largely flat trail loops through meadows and by old foundations, stone walls, and an interesting shale outcropping.

Bunny Trail

1.5-mile, more difficult hiking, orange blazes

This loop is best accessed from a small parking lot on Buckley Road, east of where Fall Brook crosses the road. The trail ascends gently along Fall Brook to a small clearing which was once a log landing.

It then climbs steeply for a short distance through hardwood forest before intersecting and paralleling Cliff Trail through forest and old fields with some excellent views. It leaves Cliff Trail, passes a delightful spring, and then descends through a forest to the parking lot.

Cliff Trail

1.5-mile, more difficult hiking, blue blazes

This trail can be reached from either Bunny Trail or from the main parking lot by walking up the old logging road. Watch on the right for a sign pointing to the blue-blazed Cliff Trail. After a short climb on Bunny Trail, Cliff Trail then follows the contours of the land, gently climbing to the southwest corner of the property where there is an interesting spring area and Frog Pond.

All along this section are boulders and cliffs worth exploring for ferns and wildflowers. From the pond, the trail follows old logging roads then descends to where it intersects Bunny Trail and then back to the main parking lot.

Summit Trail

1-mile, more difficult hiking, red blazes

This trail consists of a short climb of about 0.3-mile from Frog Pond to the highest point on the Friends’ property, returning to Frog Pond via old logging roads. The summit is a relatively flat area, with large, widely spaced trees.

Connector Trail

1.7 miles, easiest hiking, white blazes

This trail links Silver Creek and Meadow trails in the park to Wetland and Fall Brook trails on the Friend’s property at Buckley Road. The trail follows an easy grade through a ravine and across Wetland Trail bridge.

Wetland Trail

0.6 mile, easiest hiking, blue blazes

This trail starts at the Buckley Road bridge and traverses the wetlands north of Fall Brook. It then crosses the creek and follows the south side of the creek. Signs of beaver activity and wetland plants and shrubs can be seen along this trail.

Overlook Trail

0.2 mile, easiest hiking, blue blazes

Designed specifically for accessibility, this short, wide trail begins at the new parking lot on the north side of Buckley Road. The trail winds through light and dense forest on level land and connects to Fall Brook Trail near the overlook to the falls.

Friends Trail

1.9 miles, more difficult hiking, white blazes

This trail can be accessed from the parking lot on Buckley Road. From Hardwood Trail, the new trail meanders south, crosses Buckley Road and continues through a meadow into hardwoods, along an old logging trail and through forest before connecting to Summit Trail.